Crochet Heart Pocket



A crochet heart… so sweet and simple.  I love the way even a humble picot edge can make anything more “frilly”.

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, I decided to crochet a lovely little heart pocket, perfect for storing a special message for a special someone.  The PDF link can be found below.  Happy crocheting!


You are free to make the heart pocket for your own personal use.  Please do not sell the heart pocket or the pattern.  If you wish to share the pattern, please provide a link back to this page or to my etsy store.

PDF: Crochet Heart Pocket

About PY&F Blog

Paper, Yarn & Flour is a blog that attempts to showcase my love for any craft that involves.... paper, yarn and flour! I have 3 children (ages 12, 9 and 4 years old), and I work full time as a high school teacher in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Our life is pretty busy; when it's not too hectic, we find time to spend cooking/baking together. Most of the crochet is done in the evenings or week-ends. While I do offer free patterns here, I also have an etsy store ( ) where you can find others for sale. I hope you enjoy the blog and our anecdotes.

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