Baptismal Gown



My sister honored me with asking me to be my neice’s godmother…. so of course I just HAD to make the baptismal gown.  I searched and searched for THE pattern, but I couldn’t find anything that I truly, truly loved.  I then decided to make my own gown, complete with pearl beading, satin ribbon roses and glass-beaded belt/sash.

This dress really is the definition of a labour of love.ImageImage


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Paper, Yarn & Flour is a blog that attempts to showcase my love for any craft that involves.... paper, yarn and flour! I have 3 children (ages 12, 9 and 4 years old), and I work full time as a high school teacher in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Our life is pretty busy; when it's not too hectic, we find time to spend cooking/baking together. Most of the crochet is done in the evenings or week-ends. While I do offer free patterns here, I also have an etsy store ( ) where you can find others for sale. I hope you enjoy the blog and our anecdotes.

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