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Crochet Cotton Slippers, Made with Love



I have a confession to make.  I dislike footwear.  If I could I would walk around barefoot all day, just to enjoy the freedom of feeling the cool floors on my skin.  That’s one of the reasons I love summer, when I can get away with walking outdoors in the grass with nothing between the soles of my feet and that fresh green grass….

But winter is not a very friendly season when it comes to being barefoot.  So what’s my solution?

Cotton.  I love the comfort of cotton.  So I decided to make us some cotton slippers.  I figured that the benefits are two-fold.  One, the cotton is more comfortable than acrylic.  Two, it will be less slippery than the acrylic too.  However— cotton does stretch more than acrylic, and so to ensure them staying put, I made the trim using acrylic yarn.

I have included the pattern below and you’ll need some basic knowledge of crochet to complete the slippers ( PDF link below).

You are free to make the slippers for your own personal use.  Please do not sell the slippers or the pattern.  If you wish to share the pattern, please provide a link back to this page or to my etsy store.


PDF: Cotton Slippers, Made with Love